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By Nikola Stojsic | May 28, 2021 | 0 Comments

10 Tips for Starting Your New Job

Starting a new remote job can be stressful: making positive impressions, navigating your new role and relationships that come with it, etc. it is all quite scary.
However, a good plan should help you breathe a little easier.

In order to make the best possible impression, it is very important to prepare ahead of time. Being ready will also serve as a great way to calm your nerves down.
  • Get your computer ready, i.e., download and install the required software used by the company.
  • Take care of the paperwork, i.e., any kind of documents you have to sign.
  • Check your equipment, i.e., make sure your computer has enough free disk space and the camera and microphone are working properly.
  • Familiarize yourself with the software you will be using. Companies often send the necessary tools to their employees, and getting familiar with them would give you a sense of much-needed confidence.
  • Go over the company’s policies and general information. Knowing the expected behavior and getting a glimpse of the company`s inner management will ensure you steer clear of any trouble right off the bat. If you can track down your future coworkers on social media as well, it will give you a better idea of whom you will work with.
  • Feel free to ask questions before you start, as this will prevent misunderstandings and allow you to get a better feel for the environment.
  • Designate an area of the home as your office space. It should be somewhere comfortable where you can sit for long periods of time and where you aren’t being distracted by noises.
  • Before it’s “Time to shine,” it’s considered good practice to do a test video call. Should anything go wrong with the setup, you’d have more than enough time to fix it before the real call starts.
  • Make sure to dress as if you were going to work. Not doing so would make you look unprofessional.
  • Write your schedule down, and make sure to stick to it.

We hope you find these pointers useful.
Remember that landing a job is an awesome feat as in of itself, so don’t let the fear of the unknown take that away.


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