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By Harun Čilić | February 21, 2021 | 0 Comments

Tired of remote work? Try these methods to light the fire of motivation again

Success is determined by three factors:

  • General abilities and skills(IQ)
  • Healthy relationships and outgoing attitude(EQ)
  • Motivation(motive, action and goal)

Intelligence quotient(IQ) and emotional quotient(emotional intelligence-EQ) hold their place as the top upholders of success. Jordan Peterson and Joe Dispenza address issues like being fit for the job you either want or you currently do through statistical and scientific correlation of IQ and EQ with that job. If you wish to inform yourself on that topic, you can visit Jordan Peterson’s YouTube channel, or get their books. But today’s topic is lighting the fire of motivation for continuing working remotely.

Understanding and trusting the process

Max Weber once wrote about ”excessive hope” in modern capitalistic societies. Basically, he broke down the famous American Dream into forcing people to overwork, overhope and fail in the end. You heard it before, right? ”I must become a millionaire before my thirties”, and so on. By the logic of things, the following question arises:”Why?”. Are you worth so little by default, or do you measure everything by the brevity of conquering it? There is no rush! You are still worth it, even if you don’t have the most luxurious car. You will have it through hard and decent work but trust the process. Remote work is a fine example of this. You will need the required time for writing, developing, etc. It doesn’t matter what you do, you just need to be consistent in it and enjoy yourself by doing what you do best. And don’t bother yourself with negative thoughts. Remember, Rome wasn’t built in a day

Tired of remote work tips

Correctly initiate your work

After you finally understood that everything can’t be and doesn’t have to be done in a day, you should reorganize yourself. The next step depends on the position you currently are in. So, let’s divide this step into two parts:

  1. You are hired for a job, but you can’t get yourself to start doing it

-There are a few tips that should help you:

  • Start right and now

(It doesn’t matter what you do, imagine your kid is watching you struggle to start working. Would you be a good example? If there is a hardship, you must, will, and can endure it! The world is divided into doers and not doers. Which are you then?)

  • Divide your assignment into small pieces

(It’s easier to eat a big sandwich if you divide it into smaller parts, right?)

  • Use the Zeigarnik effect

(Basically, once you have begun your work but haven’t finished it, your mind will automatically remind you of it until you finally finish it. Use this trick wisely.)

  1. You don’t know where to start

-Consider doing these before anything, especially remote work:

  • Ask yourself what is your motive and goal
  • If you don’t have them, set them 
  • ”Shoot for the moon, and if you miss it, you will still be among the stars”
  • Work hard
  • Fulfill your duties 
  • Never give up on your goals

Consistency is the key

Eliminate your distractions, focus on your goals, set up positive habits, have an outgoing attitude, and be consistent in your actions! Motivation starts to fall off when you ignore your goals and duties, whilst being in your comfort zone. Nothing beneficial for you happens in the comfort zone. Remote work draws various resources, but it is completely worth it. You can’t work remotely and be in the comfort zone. Remember, the comfort zone is the Cain of success and ambition. 


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